The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill Review

The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix A- C Drill isone of the advanced type of the Matrix Quick Connect System drillers. The mechanisms employed by these drilling machines enable operators to easily and quickly adjust, fix or remove attachments without any problem.


In the design, there is a powerful 4.0 amp motor which supplies adequate power required for a variety of applications delivered by this drilling equipment together with its attachments.

The construction of this drilling machine is so unique that it has a compact and lightweight design to make it easy for operators to carry out various drilling tasks in well-confined spaces and with much ease.

It is also incorporated with the eleven position clutch type which creates a platform for anextra level of control to prevent the driller from stripping and over driving screws.

This ac matrix driller offers plenty of comfort to the operators at work since it is simple to handle and make any adjustments they need for various drilling tasks.





Heat Resistance




  • Relatively light and portable
  • Makes smooth and clean drills
  • Inexpensive
  • Can work on various natures of surfaces
  • Produces minimum surface distortion and heat losses


  • Tool requires skilled personnel to operate

Key Features


4.0-Ampere Motor Power Supply

The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill is well designed with a powerful 4.0-ampere motor which provides adequate energy for the entire drilling operations and the attachments.

It also ensures that the driller delivers for long and gives maximum output. Power losses cases and overheating are highly minimized in this design of this model of the drilling tool.


Compact and Lightweight Design

This drilling machine has such a nice design that in its construction, the components are tight and compact to make sure that the tool remains firm and intact. This design makes the tool not to be destroyed in case of vibrations.

The device is also light in weight for the good of our customers since they can carry it around easily when at work. Therefore, this model of thedrilling machine is highly portable and can be used anywhere at any time.


11-Position Clutch Type

This matrix ac drilling machine model has so thespecial part in its design whereby an 11-clutch operated system is coupled to offer greatly extended operation controls.

This includes preventing the driller from overdriving screws the condition that may lead to a severe breakdown, protect the driller from stripping among other crucial cores. This tool layout also enables it to operate or work in various positions and improve the comfort of its usage.


Sturdy and Durable Metal Frame Housing

This significantly modified model of the drilling tool has a unique and robust construction that is made up of durable metal frame housing.

This special feature enables the drilling tool to resist from any mechanical damage and also protect the machine from overheating during long hours of work by simply dissipating excessive heat released.

Moreover, the metal frame housing also provides a long-term service of the tool since it lasts for longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else may you need other than this device?

A: You may need an optional foot clutchpedal which is available for purchase.

Is this an AC or dc model?

A: It is an Ac model of the machine.

How can I order consumables for this unit?

A: You find in themarket or visit our website for more details.

Final verdict

The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC drilling machine is a great drilling tool with a very high-performance rate liked by many customers who have bought and used it from our market.

The majority of them are well satisfied with it. This satisfaction is shown by their positive comments they post on our website on how the highly qualitythis product is.​

In my opinion, therefore, I would like to recommend this product to any willing user who wishes to make his/her work easier with increased comfort to use this advanced product.​

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