Black and Decker DR670 6.0 Amp ½ Inch Hammer Drill Review

If you are tired of using drills that do not give you the best performance, then the powerful and compact Black and Decker Hammer will enable you to drill even tough tasks in very tight and confined spaces.


If you purchase this Black and Decker Hammer Drill, you will enjoy the metal body keyless chuck that provides an easy bit changes and maximum grip. The pistol grip design makes your drill have a better balance and easily control your speed.

When you but this Hammer Drill with mid-level expectations than with time you will appreciate this drill. Over rally, I am very satisfied with this hammer drill.

It is indeed the most efficient hammer drill you will get on the market that does not compare to any other drill in the market.





Heat Resistance




  • Robust performance
  • User-friendliness
  • Easy to control
  • Very powerful
  • Portable, with no heavy feel


  • Has a ridiculous price for the quality that you get

Key Features


Grip Design

This Black and Decker Hammer Drill have a grip design that enables you to balance it quickly and for easy control.

It includes a side handle and a depth rod; all these together make your work easier when operating your hammer drill. I do admire this hammer drill for this fantastic design, and I always do my job perfectly.



You will enjoy the product order that the Manufacture will give alongside when you purchase this hammer drill. I am enjoying the two-year warranty of this product and a one-year free service.

You do not have to worry when to go to the market to purchase this hammer drill. Any defects in this material are taken care of and any workmanship.


Powerful and Compact

The Black and Decker DR 670 Amp ½-Inch Hammer drill wok so important and is compact that it can handle very tough tasks.

When doing the hammer action, it provides you with enough power and high speed to drill into brick and concrete. Most customers reviews show that this is the most powerful hammer drill and assure you that this is very true.


Variable Speed Trigger

In any drilling job, there are times when you enquire a high speed and low speed. Before you start your drilling using any tool, you have to trigger its speed so that it can start rotating.

The Black and Decker hammer drill have the variable speed trigger that enables your drill to operate smoothly.



It is worth noting that any drill does a robust and hard job, some work on the concrete surface and others are for drilling bricks.

Despite this Black Deck hammer drill, doing all these terrible situations, this hammer drill lasts long because of its metal body that has a keyless chuck for easy bit changes and maximum grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this hammer drill have any bubble levels?

A: No, I do not think so because I have not seen such in mine.

Does this come with masonry drill bits or do I have to buy separately?

A: The hammer drill does not have the bits, so you will need to buy a new one.

How long is the power cord? Does this drill contain any on and off setting hammer function?

A: The power cord is six inches long. It employs a setting for both the hammer and a regular position. This drill is efficient.

Final Verdict

If you are a lover of drilling, then this hammer drill will be suitable for you. You will notice that it is lightweight meaning it is good quality. I am satisfied using this Black and Decker DR670 hammer drill.

Unlike the other drills, this hammer drill is lightweight and enables you to carry it around without getting tired. It produces grater-drilling jobs if you are a professional construction worker.​

The information above will guide you and make you make a full selection of a drill that you will find suitable for your work. I recommend this hammer drill as it proves to work well and enables me to drill hard to surface without breaking.​

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