BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

Barska Quick Access biometric rifle safe is of importance in ensuring the safety of your home. It is a product of its own that is ideal for storing your ammunitions, rifle, and pistols. Comparing it to other safes...


Its quick access is highly advanced because it uses fingerprint recognition technology which allows only the registered users to access it without a key.

This implies that it's only you who can access your gun reduces the risk of your children getting hold of the rifles.

For you to access it, you use your fingerprint on the scanner and the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe system will recognize your fingerprint in seconds.

This allows you to your highly secure safe. In an emergency situation, the Barska allows you to reach out to your rifle at a moment's notice just by a single touch of your finger on the Biometric scanner.

Biometric Rifle Safe is better than the ordinary safes because you don't have to worry about losing the keys to your safe.



Heat Resistance​

Fire Resistance​



  • Biometric reader allows you to store up to 120 users
  • Has a long lasting 4 AA batteries that only need replacing every two years
  • Has an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Has silent features which allow you to open your safe without alerting anyone, which is of importance in critical situations
  • Easier and more convenient to use because of its Biometric scanner


  • Very Long

Key Features


Multiple Access Modes

This safe allows two mode of access to access your valuable in the safe; emergency backup keys and figure print identification by the help of Biometric scanner which employs the figure print recognition technology.

Each of the access methods mentioned functions independently to avoid confusion during an emergency while trying to access the safe content. The figure print scanning technology ensures security against the loss and theft of valuable stored in the safe.


Drilled Anchor Point

Barska quick access biometric rifle safe has very handy adaptations and accessories; it has pre-drilled anchor points that allow permanent securing of the safe to the floor or wall.

It comes with mounting gear for this purpose. You can mount this safe at any position of your choice.


Easy to Clean

The safe has a fairly smooth surface which makes it easy to keep clean and the fact that it does not have many complicated shelves and the hard-to-reach hidden corners on the inside.

The Barska Quick access biometric rifle safe being easy to clean enables you to keep the fingerprint scanner clean by wiping off smudges on it. This increases its efficiency in identifying fingerprints with ease.


Solid Steel Construction

With this solid steel construction Barska quick access biometric rifle safe guarantees you the safety of your rifle and also your valuables which could be jewelry or important documents in the safe.

This is one of the positive elements that contributes to its secure design in that its solid construction consisting of the steel gauge someone cannot quickly open or drill it, Hence preventing unwanted entry.

The solid steel construction also enhances to its long lasting usability.


3-Point Steel Dead Bolt Locking System

In addition to the fingerprint recognition technology, Barska quick access biometric rifle safe is secured by a three-point deadbolt made of one-inch steel locks.

Hence, the Barska rifle safe provides premium protection which adds an extra level of security hence it discreetly stores away your prized weapons, securing your investment and protecting them from an intruder.

The three solid steel deadbolt locking system makes this biometric safe a sensible addition to any location requiring immediate- access security in a mountable size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it fire resistant?

A: It is powder coated hence it is not fire proofing.

How many rifles will it hold?

A: It can hold two rifles with optics if you turn them sideways.

Could two AR rifles fit In this?

A: Yes they will fit if their magazines are removed.

Final Verdict

This safe from Barska is one of the better options if you are considering a quick access gun safe featuring biometric technology.

The biometric reader works flawlessly and silently during operation which ensures you discreetly and quickly accesses your safe.

Its shape and size are ideal for storing rifle just to add, you can also store valuable items such as documents, jewelry, and laptop.

It can store up to four rifles. It is easy to use and to access hence you can conveniently, quickly and effortlessly store your guns and retrieve it in a case of an emergency.

I highly recommend this safe if you want to ensure the safety of your valuables.

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