6 Easy Ways to Organize Your Workspace

Are you the type of person who owns a workshop, but it is always so messy that you cannot find anything? For any novice do it yourself, it is quite normal to be a bit messy in the workshop. But there are ways that you can improve your workspace and...


Keep your tools together so that you can find it quicker. If you are a bit obsessive compulsive with your working tools, having a messy workspace will never be an option for you. Always remember that having a clean and neat working space will lessen the chances of you getting into an accident.

​The process of organizing your own workshop or workbench is both a personal and organic process, and it must be done accurately to achieve the best outcome that you can.

Set ups vary depending on your specialty, so for example you specialize in wood, you must have more of your wood carving tools near you than the others because these are tools that you use all the time.

​If you are wondering how you can make your workspace tidier, here are some ways that you can make your space more clean and productive.

Organize Your Workspace

Before you attempt to do any work, make sure that you prepare your tools ahead of time so that you do not have to look for it when you start working. If you are having problems, here are some tips on how to organize your tools according to what you use more often:


Use Small Component Drawers

For anyone who owns a work bench, it is quite normal to have a bunch of small bolts and hooks lying around your area. If you do not know where to place them, you can always use small drawers to make sure that you do not use these items while you are working.

Since these bolts are small, you will need something that you can access quickly and not feel the need to run through your other tools.


Make sure that you label them, so that you do not have to keep opening each drawer one by one searching for the small piece of metal that you need. It is always better to be organized when it comes to working with these things, so that you do not end up loosing them.


Use Peg Board

If you have some tools that you do not know where to place, like screw drivers or wrenches, you can always make use of a pegboard. A pegboard is one of the best ways to organize your screwdrivers and other tools because you can make use of the holes.

Peg Board

You can use the holes to hang your tools so that it is easier to find whenever you need it for a specific task. This particular board is also very cheap, and you can buy it in almost any hardware store, plus there are a lot of add-ons that you can use for a better organization of tools.


Use Wire Spool Holder

If you have a lot of wires in your workspace, then you must know the feeling of having all of these wires tangled around each other. If you want to keep all of your wires organized, you can make use of a wire spool holder.


This is great if you have really long wires, you put the holders in this, so that if you need a piece of wire, you can just pull it, and then cut it to get the length that you need.

it is not very hard to look for a wire spool holder, you can buy one in a hardware store, or you can always make one yourself. Just make sure that if you are deciding to make one, that the holders turn so that when you pull on the wire, it will not get tangled with each other.


Make a Clothes Line for Wire Clips

If you are having a hard time with your wire clips, you can always make use of a clothes line that you can hang in front of you or in any area of your workspace that is easy for you to access, and then clip your wire clips there, so that you do not have a hard time looking for it.

Wire Clips

If you leave it on your table, there are high possibilities that you can loose them, or it can get tangled with other wires you have in your workspace. Always make sure that you have a proper way of storing these wires so that you do not end up damaging them.


Use Milk Crates

Milk crates can come in handy, plus these are completely free because you can easily pick it up from the curb near your house. You can make use of these crates to store other tools left around in your workspace.


If you cannot find a good place to put the other tools, you can place them inside the milk crates, so that it is easier for you to find.


Make Tape Storage

Sometimes, there will be a need for tape at some point while you are working. There are many instances that you end up going through your stuff looking for tape.

You can make a tape storage by tying a karabiner to a piece of rope, can be any piece of rope for as long as this is very durable and wont get destroyed quickly.


Run the tape rolls through it then hang it anywhere on the wall. Now you can easily access your tapes without rummaging through your other tools.

Final Words

There are many ways that you can turn your work shed into a productive and clean working space, you just need to be innovative and creative.

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