5 Simple Steps of Buying A Gun Safe

Buying a gun safe is a must if you are a gun owner. Just think about it. Having one can have varied benefits. Gun safes can protect your firearms against theft. If you have kids at home, this could prevent them from playing with your guns.


Alternatively, these could also function as a safety storage to some of your valuables. Don’t have one but have guns at home? Then you really ought to consider purchasing one.

​But wait! Don’t just get the first gun safe that you see in some home improvement store. Gun safes are not like clothes. It should be a one-time purchase that will house your growing collection of guns, protect against theft, and offer some security against fire.​

To help you purchase the right kind, we’ve listed down a step-by-step guide to make shopping easier for you. Read the details below.

5 Steps to Buying a Gun Safe


Look at Different Brands

When buying a gun safe, it’s important to check out the different offers from varied brands. Why? It’s because each of these will have something unique to offer.For example, some sell biometric gun safes.

These often come in smaller packages, designed for easy access and mobility. Some of the top providers include the companies Barska and SentrySafe.


You might be the type who would rather go for the old school small manual types of gun safes. These are the cousins of biometric gun safes but operate with either the use of digital locking keypad or key lock system

You can get these from the likes of GunVault, Stack-On, and V-Line Desk Mate. Now, some experts recommend that you buy a larger gun safe if you are a hard core gun enthusiast.

Top manufacturers for large gun safes include the likes of Mesa Safe Company, Stack-On and Cannon Safe.Additionally, some manufacturers have their own patents which you might be interested in.


Consider Your Budget

A gun safe can be expensive. If you have the extra budget, you might be okay with spending several hundreds of dollars for a gun safe. But what if you don’t?To cut on costs, people often look for gun safes that are sold at discounted rates. 

However, some experts say that this is the worst way to buy a gun safe. Gun safes that are on sale are often made with cheap materials. While this may be so, there are those that sell durable ones.


It’s a matter of spotting the legit offers though.Before going for the discounted gun safes, educate yourself about what makes up a quality gun safe. This way, you will know if a gun safe that’s on sale is made of quality or cheap materials.​

Instead of the stores, you’re better off contacting the manufacturers directly. These often have factory-direct gun safe discount sales several times a year. Another alternative is to hunt for secondhand ones. You will usually be able to see these on online auction sites.


Check out Reviews

If you have no idea where to start, get busy looking for reviews. Many people often share their personal experiences regarding the products they have used including gun safes.

Some of these even write long reviews on their blogs.The good thing about checking out reviews is that people often give out their opinions on specific brands. This makes it easier for you to narrow down your choices.

Man with personal computer

Forums on the other hand are more personal compared to blogs. Take note that some bloggers are paid reviewers. They get a freebie or a fee in exchange for the review.

When looking at reviews, you are better off considering the ones that come from real customers. These are the ones that paid for the products. Star ratings on online sites are one of the ways you can see these.


Evaluate Your Personal Needs

While experts do recommend purchasing a bigger gun safe, you may not really need it if you only intend to have one gun at home. With this said, think of how you’re going to use the gun safe before making a decision.

If you plan to have a collection of firearms, then go for a bigger one that has thick doors and walls and ample fire protection. This way, your valuable collection is safe against burglars and incidents of fire.

digital lock vault

As for the single gun which is only intended for self-defense, a small one should suffice. Just remember to keep this in a strategic place since it’s easy for burglars to just carry these with them.

If you don’t have a big space at home, it doesn’t make sense to buy a gun safe that takes up a lot of space. One that’s hidden inside a couch could be a better option.


Know The Facts First

Instead of setting your own expectations, read the facts first. Nothing beats conducting your own research. You might be surprised how gun safes are so different from each other. Materials for one aren’t the same.

While every one of them may look durable because of the steel material, some are much thicker than others. Thicker gun safes are often more expensive but they offer better protection against prying.

gunsafe in fire

Even their fire resistant ratings are different. Some would only last for thirty minutes before these are completely toast while others could last for more than an hour.

While some offer extra coverage with their warranties, others do not. Knowing the facts will help you eliminate those that should never make it to your top list.

Final Verdict

Buying a gun safe requires careful consideration. You must know which manufacturers offer what types of gun safes. You should also consider your own needs and budget and make informed judgment by doing your own research.

A gun safe is a must for gun owners. Finding the right one is not easy if you don’t know where to start but the steps above should help you do so.

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