10 Must Have Lawn Tools Today!

If you’re a beginner or planning to start a lawn mowing business, these are the top 10 must have lawn tools you need to invest in to maintain your yard or your clients’ garden. Just make sure that you buy professional landscaping tools that are...


Tried and tested by many lawn professionals and experts. Here are the landscaping tools and equipment list you need to know by heart when maintaining a lawn:

10 Must Have Lawn Tools


Lawn Mower

The lawnmower is the number one must have in every yard. Although it is one of the most time-consuming tasks in lawn maintenance, mowing your grass has many benefits.

Like how you groom your hair, mowing the lawn is similar to grooming in a way that it beautifies or makes your house presentable. Regular mowing keeps the grass neat, short and even. And because the fallen shoots also fertilize the lawn, mowing allows the grass to grow healthy.


There are different kinds of lawn mowers. Some have cylinder or rotary blades, while others include features that automatically collect grass clippings as they go. A lot of lawn mowers are gas driven, but those that run on batteries or manual pushing are more environment-friendly.



Where there is dirt, digging is inevitable, and the tool that every landscaper need to do this job is the shovel. There are many kinds of shovels, but the most ubiquitous are the digging shovel. It has the slightly curved scoop.

The shovel with the pointed tip is the most famous shovel used for digging, transferring, or planting in soft soil such as sand, mulches and loam soil. The shovel with flat tips is used mainly for digging cumbersome and hard soil that required more force to excavate.


If you’re planting trees or transferring shrubs, a shovel is definitely one of the must have landscaping tools you definitely need. Just make sure you select the handles based on your height so you won’t find it hard to dig. Shovels with D handles are suitable for digging trenches.


Leaf Rake

When the leaves fall, gathering them up takes ages without a leaf rake. Make sure you have one.




One of the professional landscaping tools that you must own is the wheelbarrow. This is one oldest technology that man has invented to make construction and gardening easier.

When it comes to hauling stones, dirt, and gravel from one place to another, the wheelbarrow does it simply. With only one wheel, it helps a person carry up to 100 liters or 4 cubits of heavy materials from one place to another.


Imagine the time and energy wasted if you only use your hand for transporting massive rocks manually. Wheelbarrows are mostly made from plastic or metal. But the pneumatic tire wheelbarrow is highly recommended because it does not rust or readily break.



A chainsaw is essential for those who live in a wooded lot and those who maintain a fire pit. If you’re going to make space for a new building project in your lawn, cutting the trees that may be a hindrance to the way is impossible without a chainsaw.


And to prepare for the eventuality of trees in your lawn falling in the event of a hurricane, you need a chainsaw to cut the trees that may cause harm to your family and property.

Just remember that when operating a chainsaw, it is important to wear protective gear such as chaps and jeans, ear and eye protector, work gloves, and others.


Wood Chipper

This highly advanced machine is suitable for forest property owners. It can chip trees and branches easily lessening the need for you to hire haulers to clear your property of wood debris.



Lawn Aerator

A lawn aerator, in the plain senses, brings air to your lawn. It makes the soils breathe by creating holes for the grasses to grow healthy.

The aeration process improves soil quality through the drains it creates, and because oxygen is readily available on the ground, worms and other microbes that help the grass grow healthy thrive.


The most recommended type is the lawn plug aerator because it actually removes the soil and not just punches it down making the soil compact like most lawn aerators do.


Lawn Edger

With an edger or an edge trimmer, you can make the finishing touch to your garden or lawn. An edger can slice a clean, sharp edge between the lawn and the flower beds.


This moon shaped lawn tool is either motorized or manual. Edgers can also stop grass from invading walkways or gardens.


Weed Eater

Weed eaters or string trimmers are highly valuable for cutting grasses in corners and edges where lawn mowers cannot reach.



Hedge Trimmers

Nowadays, garden hedge trimmers are much more advanced. You can choose a manual trimmer or a machine. Just make sure to buy the one that’s right for the size of the hedge plant you’re maintaining.



These 10 Must Have Lawn Tools are not just for hobbyists, these are also the equipment needed for lawn care business. Now that you know the landscaping tools names, we would really appreciate it if you share this article with your friends.

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